Co-founders of Quantified Self & Biohacking Finland, Mikko Ikola and Teemu Arina invite you to their main event on how to reach self-knowledge through numbers with technological and biological tools.

What’s on the menu:

• Interesting presentations from industry though leaders from Finland and abroad

• Gadget Corner – Showcasing different gadgets and apps

• Show & Tell stands – Startup-companies in the field presenting their products

• Audience discussion – Facilitated discussion about the future of quantified self and biohacking


15:00 – Doors open, networking, setting up show & tell stands

16:00 – Welcome to the world of quantified self and optimized me
Welcome words: Mikko Ikola and Teemu Arina, QSB Finland co-founders

16:30 – Measured Life: a Researcher’s Point of View
Mika Pantzar, National Consumer Research Centre

17:00 – Show & tell stands, networking

Snack & beverages for biohackers

18:00 – Hacking While You Sleep
Teemu Arina, Biohacker’s handbook / Meetin.gs ja Lasse Leppäkorpi, Beddit

18:30 – Performance for the future: Stimulants vs. adaptogensJaakko Halmetoja, nutrition specialist

19:00 – Show & tell stands, networking

Serving food for biohackers

20:00 – Metrics in Knowledge-Based Organizations
Esko Kilpi, management consultant

20:15 – Conversation with the audience – Transcending Me: The Next Decade
Maarten den Braber, Digital Health Strategist, Co-founder of Quantified Self Europe / Amsterdam, Co-founder Nexthealth

21:00 – Free networking

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