QS companies in Finland

Tech companies

Beddit Beddit Beddit Sleep Tracker helps you to follow your sleep and learn to improve your health and wellbeing.
Brightside Brightside Brightside is an upcoming mobile service for your personal data that helps you to track, see and experiment your life
Checkmylevel Checkmylevel Checkmylevel is a product to assess training readiness and recovery speed.
caktus2 Don’t be so dry Caktus will coach your body and mind back on track with a smart bottle + app solution.
Evice Evice Evice test measures the level of stress hormone cortisol of a dog or a cat from urine sample.
firstbeat Firstbeat Revolutionary heart beat analysis reveals your stress, recovery and effect of your physical training.
fjuul Fjuul Make each move count. Instantly see the health impacts of your movements with one comparable number. Learn how to make smarter moves and turn your everyday activities into exercise.
framgo Framgo Visualizing body composition.
health puzzle Health Puzzle Health Puzzle’s mobile health application provides its users with a complete picture of their health and gives them actionable advice on how to improve it. The app combines the user’s lifestyle data with genetic data and medical history information.
heiaheia Heiaheia HeiaHeia is a fun, social online wellness motivator.
Kalorilaskuri Kalorilaskuri.fi Kalorilaskuri.fi is a personal nutrition expert. You know how to lose weight, but do you know what the advantages are achieved when the content is monitored diet and physical activity in more detail?
mealLogger Meal Logger Photo Food Journaling
meedoc MeeDoc MeeDoc Doctor of Finnish doctors set up a new service that brings the doctor to you anywhere. Video connection allows you to talk face to face with a qualified medical home, at work, or even from abroad.
meetings Meetin.gs Meetin.gs is the smartest way to meet, online or face-to-face. Get your meetings on the cloud for free, accessible from any device.
mendor2 Mendor Mendor Discreet is an all-ine-one blood glucose meter or glucometer for diabetes care.
metawatch Metawatch Meta Watch fuses aesthetic elements of jewelry design & materials with the functionality of state-of-the-art consumer electronics into a 24/7 wearable. Our goal is to create a watch that’s so compelling from an aesthetic perspective that it’s looks alone would entice you to buy the product.
moves app Moves app Moves lets you know where, when and how much you’ve moved in a day – just by keeping a phone in your pocket.
NetMedi NetMedi netMedi, aspire to improve communication and information flow in healthcare by combining the most advanced technologies with the close involvement of doctors, nurses and patients in our product development process.
pulseOn PulseOn PulseOn combines state-of the art heart rate monitoring and analytics with an easy solution supporting you to achieve your wellness goals.
Runteq Runteq Monitor your progress and achieve your goals. Share your exercises and performance analysis with your friends and coach.
RecoApp RecoApp How to develop faster and avoid both under- and overtraining? Discover a balanced fitness regime with the game-like RecoApp – and unleash the secrets of supercompensation, sports periodization and your favorite exercises. Welcome the future of fitness with a quantified self app!
sportstraker Sportstracker Sports Tracker turns your phone into a full-on GPS sports computer. Track in real time, check your progress, view maps, and share your workouts.
suunto Suunto Manufacturer of dive computers, heart rate monitors and outdoor sports instruments.
Traxmeet Traxmeet Traxmeet is an advanced virtual training world and it is used together with GPS enabled sports computers and heart rate monitors.
Trelab Trelab TreLab is developing a next generation wireless measurement solution that will revolutionize the way monitoring is carried out by anticipating problems before they happen.
wikipass Wikipass Connect all your networks in only one place
Wodconnect Wodconnect Track your training progress. Coach. Connect. Wodconnect make better athletes.

Food related

ambronite Ambronite Ambronite is drinkable meal that fulfils daily nutrition recommendations in 2 minutes and makes your life unlimited.
cocovi Cocovi CocoVi Super Foods – More than 40 high-quality super-food products
goodio Goodiogoods A small up-and-coming company with a big heart and a sweet tooth. Goodio goods believe all good goes hand in hand.
Ruohonjuuri Ruohonjuuri Pioneer in the field of eco trade. Ruohonjuuri offer our clients a diverse range of high quality, eco, organic and fair trade products.
hyvinvoinnin Hyvinvoinnin Hyvinvoinnin Department Store 4000 product range ordering easy and cheap health products, health foods, fair trade products, organic foods, sports nutrition, natural cosmetics and ecological washing and cleaning products.
fitnessfirst Fitness First Fitness First operate in many of the products we sell import, in which case we will be able to offer affordable and competitive price.
puhdistamo Puhdistamo .
chipster Chipsters Åland Ab Chipsters Food Oy is one of Finland’s leading fish processors and marketers.
lapinmaria Lapin Maria Lapland Maria makes a tasty juices and be warm mulled wine.
froosh Froosh Froosh is an independent smoothie company from scandinavia
junglejuicebar Jungle Juice Bar .
biokia Biokia Biokia products are manufactured by Kiantama Oy, a Finnish food industry company based in the heart of Finland’s northern berry-growing region.


briim BRIIM BRIIM is a comprehensive brain training system for cognitive skill development.
elavan Elävän ravinnon yhdistys Elävän ravinnon is a meeting place for the living and raw food enthusiasts, and interested professionals.
Jaakko Jaakko Halmetoja Jaakko Halmetoja is a nutrition expert, public speaker and chocolate alchemist who has lectured, coached and consulted high-performance people full-time since 2008.