Trainers' House

Trainers' House is our main sponsor for the Quantified Self & Biohacking event on 10.6.

Trainers’ House is a change management company committed to helping our clients by supporting everyday.

Quantified Self & Biohacking Finland is a non-profit community effort. We would like to thank our support companies, especially our main partner Trainers' House, to make our events and activities possible. Please have a look the list of our support companies

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Beddit Sleep Tracker - Follow your sleep and learn to improve your health & wellbeing with Beddit sleep meter
BRIIM methods enhance mental skills of creativity, communication, memory, decision-making, determination, concentration and relaxation.
Check your training readiness - anytime, anywhere.
The mission of EIT ICT Labs is to drive European leadership in ICT innovation for economic growth and quality of life. One focus area of The Helsinki Node of EIT ICT Labs is Health and Wellbeing.
Four Sigma Foods
We're specialized in superfoods, medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs. We want to bring the ancient wisdom to modern times through effective and easy-to-use natural food products.
A small up-and-coming company with a big heart and a sweet tooth. Goodio goods believe all good goes hand in hand.
Health Puzzle
Health Puzzle’s mobile health application provides its users with a complete picture of their health and gives them actionable advice on how to improve it.
The smartest way to meet - anyone, anywhere, online & face-to-face
Discreet - flexible blood glucose testing
Omegawave measures the functional state of an athlete’s cardiac, metabolic and central nervous systems in just two minutes while the athlete is at rest.
Polar Electro
Polar is a pioneer in heart rate monitoring technology.
Rulla restaurant
Rulla offers hand made vietnamese finger food and caters food in our event! Rulla finger food is gluten-free and milk-free and produced using ethical and natural ingredients.
We introduce a revolutionary running monitoring solution for the endurance running world. Our product tells the key running technique metrics, interprets them and gives personal feedback and instructions.
Smoothie Studio
A raw food, elixias, gourmet, experiences, chocolate, ice cream and smoothies.
Sports Tracker
Turns your mobile into a social sports computer
The M1nd sensor
The new way to monitor the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that surrounds you.
Trainers' House
Trainers’ House is a change management company committed to helping our clients by supporting everyday.
YOU is all about converting the mountains of health data into healthy actions.