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Teemu Arina Teemu Arina

Technology Entrepreneur, Biohacker, Author and Speaker. CEO of and Dicole

Teemu seek to understand the new ways of working and learning in digital working environments by combining technological and biological tools for increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of knowledge work. He is one of the co-author’s of the forthcoming Biohacker’s handbook.

mikko-ikola Mikko Ikola

Entrepreneur and biohacker, Co-founder at Ambronite

Mikko is skilled and passionate to create movements and disrupt industries – Currently Mikko is reinventing food with Ambronite – a drinkable meal product that makes your life unlimited.

nelli-lähteenmäki Nelli Lähteenmäki

CEO & Co-Founder at Health Puzzle

Happy, hungry entrepreneur currently building a service for personalized, preventative health. Background in tech and sales. Cyclist. Musician.

teemu-kurppa Teemu Kurppa

Developer & Technology Entrepreneur. CEO & Co-Founder of Brightside

Teemu is passionate to help people use data to improve their personal and work lifes. He has a very diverse development and product design experience spanning from social networks, mobile apps, AI and robotics to payroll systems. He have been through one successful startup Jaiku that got acquired by Google in 2007.

tomi-jaakkola Tomi Jaakkola

Information Officer at ADC Helsinki.

Tomi is currently working as an Information Officer with skills across project management, social media, usability and Living Lab. Tomi is a dedicated and passionate athlete at heart. (Strong background in judo – 23 years and a Finnish Champion) He also coaches individuals to achieve their combat sport and health goals. Technology, biohack and nutrition enthusiast.